Seen & Heard

"Bob" was flailing. Pushed into retirement, 2 best friends recently passed, severely hearing impaired and suffering from ill health and insomnia, at 80 he received an eviction notice due to clutter in his apartment. A scrappy survivor, he informed me that PhD stood for "post hole digger" and referred to the parade of young upstarts who took credit for his work. I met with him at home: a challenge, as he couldn't hear a knock at the door. I listened to his concerns, and we chipped away at his sense that the world was against him. Feeling seen and heard, he could take my recommendations to see a doctor and allow his home to be cleaned, which meant letting go of control and many valued possessions, in order to meet his landlord's conditions. One person's treasure is another's trash. He made it through that difficult day with support. Then we went to the library so he could teach me genealogical research methods: so he could give to me from his expertise, thus giving to him his identity and his power back. He stood a little taller then. People can grow and change and release burdensome habits when held within the therapeutic relationship. If you are worried about an older parent or facing challenges of aging or disability, please call me. We will find the way through.