Carly is a compassionate professional who is able to connect with people where they are and help them along their journey toward peace and meaning. She holds deep knowledge of the opportunities and challenges that accompany later stages of life. Carly has helped countless older adults heal, grow, and reach their potential.

-- Liz, community mental health supervisor of 7 years


You helped me be apart of my family again. I didn't know if that was possible. I'm thankful. --- "Todd," client




Carly is a wise soul with a gift for putting people at ease with her kind eyes and huge heart. She creates a safe and trusting space where people feel respected and cared for, which allows the magic to happen. — Judi, longtime colleague




Carly's ability to really "see" people, to ask the right questions and guide the healing process, is astounding to me. --- Lauren, colleague


As a longtime caregiver for my brother, I deeply appreciate Carly's role in his improving emotional health. Depression triggered by disability is very common. Carly has helped my brother come to terms with his life and embrace new goals. --- Sylvie, caregiver