Getting Through the Holidays -- a Grief Support Workshop

Sometimes the “most wonderful time of the year” – isn’t. So much stirring up of grief happens at the holidays. We long for continuity reaching backwards and forwards over generations. Traditions tug at us. We feel we must make Mom’s cornbread, bring out Grandmother’s dishes, play the course we played each year with Dad. But what if things have changed? We may dream of presiding over a joyful family gathering, but what if there is distance or discord? What if we are alone? Rituals once enjoyed can feel poignant or unbearable in the face of loss. What to do?

This workshop will be an experiential and skills building gathering facilitated by Carly Fox LCSW, a therapist serving older adults in Boulder county. There will be support for making space for feelings of grief and loss arising at the holidays, ways to gather and draw upon resources, as well as honoring and soothing of the very human grief response through anchoring, breath, movement, and art.

Thursday December 8th, 1:15-2pm :: Lafayette Senior Center :: 103 Iowa Ave, Lafayette, 80026

Reach Carly :: :: 720-340-3044