Therapy and consulting practice serving the elderly

Autumn Tree Therapy LLC is a new practice serving older and disabled adults and their families in Boulder county.

In my decade-plus in the field, I’ve experienced elders to be full of potential for moving into the integrity of their story, and hungry for ways to sum up and pass on life learnings. Brain studies show that older people are better able to unite their hemispheres to draw on their resources and make something new of this phase of life. My mentor called this “shifting into all-wheel drive.”

And yet, the circumstances people find themselves in can feel narrow and grim. Losses accumulate and body integrity cannot be counted on. Philip Roth, acclaimed author, said at 73 that “old age is not a battle – old age is a massacre.” Transitions such as retirement or moving house can precipitate depression. Loss and illness can shake a person to the core, necessitating professional support to reconnect to resources and self and create a livable new normal.

To reduce suffering and enhance quality of life, some people may need proactive planning to enable an impaired loved one to remain safely at home for as long as possible. Others may need compassionate space held for their longings and support to envision their next chapter.

If you are worried about an older family member or are experiencing the challenges of aging or disability, please call me. Professionals welcome. Home visits and office appointments.

Carly Fox MSW LCSW CMC :: :: :: 720-340-3044